Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy


This system is designed for all licensed amateur operators to enjoy. The efforts of the repeater owners and trustees in funding and operation of this system further amateur radio and your cooperation is appreciated in this regard.


Each user on the FusioNet system, NETDA Affiliated repeaters or NETDA YSF Reflectors will adhere to Part 97 of the FCC regulations in the Amateur Service. Affiliated repeater owners/trustees will insure proper operation of their systems.

  • Operators will conduct themselves in a proper manner and not engage in dissention, ridicule or prohibited activity on the system. At no time will disrespect for any person, persons, organizations or ethnic persons or groups be tolerated.
  • The following subjects are prohibited on the FusioNet System: Politics, Religion or Religious discussion, soapboxing, continually complaining about any subject that takes away from the enjoyment of the hobby of amateur radio. Note: This not a restriction on your right to free speech. You are a guest in our house and if your conduct is deemed inappropriate you will be asked to cease. Each licensee is responsible for the conduct on each repeater in the system and violations place that trustee’s FCC license at risk.

Interference Policy: Malicious and willful interference on this system is prohibited under FCC Rules Part 97, §101.(d) No amateur operator shall willfully or maliciously interfere with or cause interference to any radio communication or signal. 

The following activities are also PROHIBITED:

Permalinking via VoIP client, or via RF link of any type to other repeaters, systems or reflectors without express permission of the system administrator.

Echolink- Parking (staying logged in and not being active) on the Echolink portal is prohibited. 

Kerchuncking- Keying any connected repeater or node assigned to this system without ID’ing is prohibited. If you wish to test your station please follow the rules.

Cross band or remote base linking to another station or this system, or use of cross band operation to access this system in any manner.

Attempting to link Wires-X to this system in either digital or analog mode.

Attempting to link any other operational modes such as DMR, D-Star, NXDN or P25 to this system. 

Rebroadcasting of communications on the system or recording of communications is prohibited. The system administrators may at their discretion record malicious or deliberate interference as evidence to be forwarded to the FCC Enforcement Bureau as required.

Emergency traffic during ARES® activations, drills or exercises may be recorded for training purposes. 

Emergency Traffic on the system takes absolute priority at all times.

Wires-X Policy

Although Yaesu’s Wires-X provides worldwide communications through VoIP reflectors and many users enjoy the platform the agreement between the principals of NETDA and the various repeater trustees involved in FusioNet decided to not undertake Wires-X interfacing.

FusioNet  was developed to be a stand alone linked system. This system serves a specific geographical region for the core base of users. The NETDA system is based around AMS, providing analog and digital voice on a as needed basis.

Users are of course, encouraged to have their own node at home connected to Wires-X and enjoy the Wires-X system.

Use policy Ver 1.2