NETDA has developed a Yaesu System Fusion Reflector group in support of TN ARES®

These are hosted for the TN Section ARES® mission statewide. Not designed to take the place of linked or stand alone repeater systems, the reflectors allow for administrative, logistical and section wide staff communications. This keeps emergency repeater nets free to handle emergency traffic.

With a statewide group and main and Tactical groups for East, Middle and West Tennessee allows for emergencies, training and specialized nets, using the MMDVM hotspot technology.

We request that traffic be limited to TN ARES® Staff and members. Testing is encouraged, please follow all FCC Part 97 regulations for the amateur radio service and identify with your TN ARES® District number when putting your call sign out on the system.

Thanks to NETDA Network Engineer Stephen Brown Jr. K1LNX for his tireless work in our group.