NETDA Affiliated Repeaters

Repeaters may not be involved in the FusioNet System. See the 70cm Linked NETDA System for those repeaters.

This page shows all of the repeaters that owners or trustees have affiliated their repeaters with the association or agreed to have us list them.

Only digital format repeaters are eligible to be affiliated with NETDA, this includes: Yaesu System Fusion, P25, DMR, D Star and NXDN.

This information is updated on a regular basis as changes in our area are made. This is not a complete list of available Fusion repeaters, please visit Repeaterbook for a complete search.

System Fusion Repeaters

2 Meters

(These repeaters are STAND ALONE repeaters)

145.150 (-.600)  K4MFD-Analog tone: 118.8  DG-ID: NONE  AMS 4,900′ Viking Mt, Greene County TN   IN SERVICE

 145.250 (-.600) WM4T– DIGITAL ONLY NO AMS DG-ID: NONE  Gray, TN

146.790 (-.600) W4ABR-Analog tone: 131.8  DG-ID: NONE  AMS Johnson City, TN (Franklin Woods Hospital)  IN SERVICE

146.970 (-.600) W4TRC- Analog tone: 123.0  DG-ID: NONE  AMS Bays Mt, Suilivan County TN  IN SERVICE

70cm Linked NETDA System- This system is linked in analog only. Digital voice operations are local on these repeaters.

442.500 (+5) W4YSF- Analog tone: 118.8  DG-ID: NONE  AMS  Gray, TN  AMS   RE-COORDINATED TO W4YSF. Moving to new site soon.

443.100 (+5) K4ETN- Analog tone: 118.8  DG-ID: NONE  AMS  Echolink Portal on K4ETN-R Jonesborough, TN  IN SERVICE 

443.325 (+5) W4TRC-Analog tone: 123.0  DG-ID: NONE  AMS  Bays Mt, Sullivan County, TN   IN SERVICE  

443.950 (+5) W4YSF- Analog tone: 118.8  DG-ID: NONE  AMS  Johnson City, TN  IN SERVICE 

444.200 (+5) K4MFD- Analog tone: 118.8  DG-ID: NONE  AMS  Viking Mt, Greene County TN   IN SERVICE 

70cm Stand Alone Repeaters

444.750 (+5) K4ETN- DIGITAL ONLY  DG-ID: NONE  Round Knob Mt, Greene County TN  IN SERVICE  


70 Cm

443.5625 (+5) W4YSF- DIGITAL ONLY  NAC: 293  Bays Mt, Sullivan County TN  IN SERVICE 

444.2875 (+5) W4YSF- DIGITAL ONLY  NAC: 293  Johnson City, Washington Co. TN  IN SERVICE



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