FusioNet is the linked 70cm (440) system of repeaters throughout the NE Tennessee counties.

This system utilizes Yaesu System Fusion repeaters linked through VoIP using Allstar. Repeaters are connected through a central hub and all traffic passes through the hub and out to the individual linked repeaters. 

FusioNet is open to the general amateur radio community, but may be placed into Emergency Service at any time for ARES® emergency communications, training or exercises. Please be mindful of ongoing emergency traffic or situations on the system.

Each repeater is capable of stand alone digital voice and data. If you access any of the repeaters in digital mode, that repeater drops off the link and operates as digital only. We recommend that you lock your radio into DN mode (Digital Narrow) if holding a QSO on the digital side. In between transmissions the repeater may ID or analog traffic may drag you back to FM if operating in AMS (Automatic Mode Select).

On the analog (FM) side please follow these protocols for proper system operation:

  • Key your PTT for half a second before speaking. This allows all of the repeaters to come online. The first couple of characters of your call sign may be missed otherwise.
  • Let the system completely drop between transmissions. This allows other users a chance to get in and join the transmission in progress. This also eliminates time outs of the repeaters.
  • When in doubt, slow down and give everyone a chance to enjoy the system.



Site Information

Site 1- Jonesborough 443.100 +  118.8 tone  Echolink capable on K4ETN-R through the entire system.

Site 2- Johnson City(Downtown)  443.950 + 118.8 tone

Site 4- Bays Mt.  443.325 + 123.0 tone (In service with reduced coverage temp antenna-unlinked currently) 

Site 5- Viking Mt  444.200 + 118.8 tone

Site 6- Bristol Regional Hospital 441.950+ 146.2 tone 

Site 7-Gray 442.500+ 118.8 tone

Site 8- City of Elizabethton 444.225+ 118.8 tone 

Site 9- Jonesborough 146.865-  118.8 tone (unlinked currently)

Site 10Holston Mt. 444.650+ 118.8 tone (Under Construction)

Site 11- Erwin 442.900+  136.5 tone (Under Construction)

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