NETDA has grown considerably since it’s founding in 2016.

The system provides wide area coverage in the Northeast TN counties and supports not only day to day amateur radio communications, but is the backbone for amateur radio emergency communications in seven counties.

The ability to reconfigure the system “On the fly” during a wide area emergency is one of the abilities that is truly valuable in supporting emergency operations for ARES® and the Region 1 TN Department of Health’s Hospital Radio System and local agencies.

Donations are used to purchase needed equipment, antennas, feedlines, connectors, server space, node radios, duplexers and backup power supplies.

Your support allows us to continue to keep the system operational and make needed improvements.

We do accept equipment donations. We are unable to store large amounts of donated equipment. Our needs are specific in nature, due to the way the system is configured. Please use the email address on the bottom of the page to inquire if we can use the equipment you are willing to donate.

We will be glad to supply specifications and vendor information if you wish to purchase needed items and donate them.

When you open the Pay Pal Donate link, there is a Optional box to select the donation to NETDA. Please select that box.

Thank you for your continued support of NETDA.